10 Creepiest Children’s Games Ever

From wondrous singalongs worrying casualty to activating demons in the mirror, we count 10 of the creepiest kids'' s computer games throughout history!
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10 Creepiest Children’s Games Ever

From joyous singalongs about death to summoning evil spirits in the mirror, we count ten of the creepiest children’s games throughout history!
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19 replies on “10 Creepiest Children’s Games Ever

  • Loveolicious

    i did the charlie charlie challenge with my friend once.
    we had two pencils, and as i was drawing the yes yes and no no stuff on the paper, she
    got two pencils. i gently stacked them and we turned off the light and closed the door.
    nothing happend at first so we had a laugh and started to make jokes like: “charlie, charlie, can i have a cookie?” “no! no! ask it
    for soda!” so after a few jokes we went playing it for real. we said things like, “are you in this room?” or “can you move something to prove you are here?” nothing happend. so i stood up and said….”are you here…?”
    and guess what? IT MOVED TO YES. we screamed really loud and ran out of the house pondering while running away.
    if you want to read more, look at my own reply.

    • Loveolicious

      anyways, so after a while we went back inside and threw the pencils away.
      but this weekend…we where telling stories to each other and i said: “i lost all respect in…” well, none of your beez wax..but after i said that the curtin in the room we where in fell off and tiped a water cup, again we ran out of the house. when we stopped in front of the yard she asked what i said and when i said: “i said (puff) (weeez) that i lost all respect in…” and then the most terrifing noise we heard after i said that was a chain saw, and it was at night! so yeah, that was my creepy pencil game story.

  • Bachagak Kabul

    Light as a feather stiff as a board scared the hell out of me when me and my siblings were playing at 2 in the morning.


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